Outsourcing Outside Security

Your security or outsourcing?

How about spending a minimum of time and effort to make the company the most secure of all kinds of threats - from company employees and outsiders? Today, many objects are under 24-hour security. This is due to statistics indicating that looting, disruption and illegal infiltration of private property remain frequent.

The business and property security options may be several: the facility ' s self-sufficient security service, the non-institutional security (MVA staff) or a private security company, which concluded an outsourcing arrangement with the company.

Among the leaders of Russian organizations and enterprises, the view remains that the security services will be able to deal with the security of property, people and business more effectively than the security agency that has contracted the company. Outsourcing agreement

The situation was understandable, given the reluctance of many companies, including with a fully transparent tax history, to allow for the control of the business of the outside staff and to trust them with commercially secret information. Some business directors believe that the company ' s selected professionals will be able to guarantee a more flexible approach to business safety. In their view, during the years of work aimed at preserving the security of property and business, all the underwater stones have become known to the SB staff.

However, regular guards often take part in the theft of funds, property and business, acting as accomplices or guides for criminal elements. And the risks may be much more serious than the private head of the SB of a small or medium-sized business. However, with the often low efficiency of the structure, the maintenance of the personal security service requires significant financial advances each year.

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