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Sberbank gave over a million corporate clients outsourced
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Sberbank gave over a million corporate clients outsourced technical support. Vladimir Makarov, Director of Projects for the Development of Remote Savings Services, discusses how such a decision has been made.

- On Finopolis, Herman Gref said that Sberbank, as the largest bank in the country, was tasked not to increase the market share but to cloud the environment. And that's why I'm willing to share my technology with business colleagues. At the same time, Sberbank has a reputation as a rather conservative organization. Do you have anything that colleagues don't have?

♪ Sberbank works on many fronts. For example, we are creating a new, unique model for Russia for the full remote servicing of corporate clients. It consists of two main parts that enable the client to address all questions and tasks remotely, without visiting the bank. The first part is a digital corporate platform by which customers engage in regular transactions (e.g. payments) and connect the necessary services (both banking and related businesses). The second is a multifunctional contact centre, whose operators provide full support for the use of products and services, including operational and technical.

I will elaborate on one of the services of the multifunctional point of contact, the Technical Support for Remote Banking Systems (DBS), which form the basis of a new digital corporate platform.

To achieve this, we have decided to use specialized expertise with sufficient competence in support of IT solutions. We have a good experience in the format Outsourcing with company Asteros and it was decided to use successful work to continue cooperation.

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