Legal Outsourcing Of Catherineburg

Legal services
Под юридическим аутсорсингом

Which includes integrated legal services (legal outsourcing):

In order to minimize legal risks in the current financial and management activities of the company, we propose the following: legal services:

  • Analyse the existing legal arrangements for the company ' s interaction with its counterparts in terms of compliance with existing legislation;
  • legal services for transactions concluded;
  • Development of company internal documents (regulations, regulations, instructions, etc.);
  • Drafting of documents and accompanying State registration of changes to the constituent instruments;
  • Consultations on any corporate law issues;
  • Preparation and holding of shareholders (participants);
  • Legal services for labour relations;
  • Claims;
  • Court representation at all stages of the trial;
  • Executive proceedings;
  • legal services to a company in relations with third parties in negotiations, agreement on the terms of transactions;
  • Harmonization of legal actions with public authorities, etc.

Benefits of integrated legal services for legal persons:

  1. The expertise of our specialists has long years of experience in this field. The qualifications of staff have been confirmed by professional attributes and are regularly improved at conferences, courses and seminars. As our client, in addition to the quality of legal aid, you will also be able to consult the auditor and accountant quickly and efficiently.
  2. The legal services of legal entities are subject to the treaty, which specifies the specific list of services and how they are delivered.
  3. By choosing " Integrated legal services " , you will not have to maintain your full-time lawyer, pay for another job, software and refresher courses. The legal escort of your business will be provided by our company specialists. You conclude a contract for integrated legal services, and you are calmly engaged in your activities. At the same time, the costs of legal services performed by external organizations are provided for in the legal acts of the Russian Federation and are recognized for the purpose of taxing profits.
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